These little guys are so darn cute! They’re also fun and easy to make! Now, that winter is here, it’s time for some hot cocoa fun! What’s better than a warm cup of delicious hot cocoa? A warm cup of delicious hot cocoa with an adorable melting snowman on top! Here’s the how to:

You’ll Need:

  • Cool Whip – or whipped cream similar to Cool Whip
  • Wax Paper on a baking sheet
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Mini M&Ms
  • (optional) Various candy to get creative with

Now, on to the Snowmen – 0r – Snow-women – We don’t discriminate here at KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com

  • Place a heaping spoonful of whipped cream on the wax paper and spread it around until it looks like a nice circular shape – making sure its nice an thick – about 1/2 inch tall so you don’t loose your snowman too fast on the hot liquid!
  • make several of those &
  • Melting Snowman Whipped Cream Topping
  • Pop them in the freezer to set up
  • Once frozen take them out and decorate with the candies to resemble snowmen & snow-women faces!
  • Pop them back in the freezer for a few minutes to get nice and chilly again so you can slide a spatula under them when your ready and carefully place them onto the hot cocoa.
  • Make A Melting Snowman For  Hot Cocoa! This is so much fun
  • **If some hot cocoa splashes up onto your cute snow face – and if you care – just take a little spoon and carefully scoop it out. Voila’ you’re all done, and ready to enjoy your delicious cup of cocoa!

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