Make A Leprechaun Beard From Hand Prints – Craft

Leprechaun beard or ZZ top! Either way it's a cute hand print craft for St. Patrick's Day
ZZ Top or Leprechaun? You decide! My husband started singing “Sharp Dressed Man” as soon as Connor showed him his new leprechaun beard! Oh man. Well…if you’re looking for a cute leprechaun craft, or if you’re looking for a ZZ top craft, I’ve gotcha covered. 🙂 You’ll need: 2 sheets or more of orange construction paper – you can absolutely use foam...
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BBQ Ham Slow Cooker Sandwiches

Oh my goodness...look at that BBQ sauce dripping off of the ham. I love slow cooker meals.
This Slow Cooker BBQ Ham recipe, much like Pittsburgh’s famous chipped ham BBQ sandwiches, is perfect for a large gathering of friends and family.  I love walking into the kitchen, smelling the aroma from the crock pot and knowing that dinner is one step closer to being done.    Recipe for Copy Cat KFC Cole Slaw is found here BBQ Ham Slow Cooker Recipe 2015-02-24 08:06:01 Write a review...
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The Best Of Kid Friendly Things To Do – Easter Desserts

Oh my goodness. Check out this collection of Easter desserts! Adorable and Simple - my favorite combination!
I’m rounding up my favorite Easter Desserts this morning. Yes…Easter is coming!     This is super simple. The basket is just a waffle bowl. Add the cute toppings and Volia” Done. Here’s the tutorial  These are another simple and fun dessert. I know I always go for the brownie dessert. Here’s a link to these cute brownie bird nests.This little bunny tush is so cute....
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Wii & Xbox Chocolate Party Favors

Wii and Xbox Goody Bag Chocolates! Great idea for a gaming birthday party!
My son recently went to a gaming party and came home with these! You better believe I was snapping pictures to share with you all! What a great idea for goody bags. The Xbox and Wii chocolate molds are available on Amazon. 
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St. Patrick’s Day Idea Round UP

St. Patrick's Day Round Up of cute crafts, drinks and food ideas!
Wow! I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is before that! I have to switch gears, fast. As usual, I have been looking around the web for some inspiration. It always helps the light bulb go off in my head. There are some really cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts, and food ideas out there. Here are a few cute ideas that I checked...
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