A Round Up of Valentine’s Day Classroom Games

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

Valentine’s Day Games, for me,  are probably the hardest to come up with. I have the pleasure of finding games for Connor’s preschool class and Michael’s fourth grade class this year. That’s a big age gap, but I’d like to find games that will work for both – less work for me! My other stipulation is that they are active games. The teachers like to get the kids up and moving with hands on games in stations around the room. Here’s what I’ve found so far for Hands on Valentine’s Day Games.

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

This game is found on No Time For Flash Cards I like this idea for the older kids. I might adapt it a little for preschool, and pull an activity out of a jar that I announce for them all to do at once. 

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

This is an idea from Mrs. Schmelzer’s First Grade Blog. The idea is to get across the room using only 2 hearts to walk on. The only supplies needed are 2 giant hearts! Nice! 

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up This is a cute adaption of the musical hearts. The hearts should be different colors and placed on the floor. When the music stops, you call out a color that you’ve pulled out of a jar. The children on that color win a prize (This could be a prize that was already going home in their treat bags) Here’s the link to this idea at Toddler Approved

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

 This is from Little Family Fun! It’s like a Minute To Win It game. The kids have to transfer hearts from one side of the room to the other with a spoon. This one is especially good for older kids. Here’s the link to Little Family Fun

Valentine's Day Party Game Round Up

I was struggling to find a lot of active Valentine’s Day games that would work for both age groups, so I made some of my own! Here’s a fun Carnival game. Kids love knocking things down. Here’s the link

Valentine Olaf Bowling Game Idea - Kids love rolling Olaf's head at his bodies! This is so much fun you guys!


And then  there’s Olaf Bowling with Conversation hearts! I can’t wait until they see Olaf with hearts on him that say Text Me, Tweet Me, I Love You, and LOL. Let me tell you…the kids go crazy over this fun game! Here’s the link to the Valentine Olaf Game. 

Alright everyone, that’s all I’ve found so far. If you have a fun game, I would love to hear about it. I love hearing ideas! Don’t forget to follow me on all things Social! My buttons are on the right. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 







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