Simple “Felt & Clothespin” Heart Door Hanger

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger

Y’all, I don’t sew. Well, I take that back…I can sew by hand, and I used to cross stitch. That is the extent of my sewing talents. All major sewing projects go to my mother – the master quilter and sewing machine expert extraordinaire! Another confession (while I’m confessing) is that I have no patience for a long craft. That’s why fabri-tac and glue guns giving instant bonds are the go to in our house! Love them! For this particular project, Fabri-Tac was out! Connor used a push pin to punch holes all over my fabri-tac glue bottle  ( I have no idea why – but, that is how he roles). With Fabri-Tac out – we moved on to the glue gun! Thankfully, he has not figured out a way to break or destroy that. Phew! Here’s what I did to make this NO SEW easy felt DIY heart door hanger!:

You’ll Need:

  • about 3 ft. of Raffia – or some other fun string to hang the hearts from
  • Clothespins – I found some cute Valentine Clothespins at Target
  • A glue gun
  • Felt – assorted Valentine Colors – I used white, pink, and red
  • Fiber Fill
  • Scissors

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger


Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger

  • Cut 3 pairs of hearts out of the felt, varying the size – small, medium and large hearts. My smallest heart – the white one is about 5&1/2 inches wide at the top by about 5&1/2 in length. Medium is 6×6 in. Large is 8×8 in.

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger

  • Using the glue gun, glue the heart pairs about 3/4 of the way around, leaving an opening to stuff the hearts
  • Allow those to dry
  • Use the fiber fill to stuff the hearts and then, when you are satisfied with the amount of filling – seal the hole with glue

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger

  • Tie a loop in the top of the raffia to hang from

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger

  • Attach the hearts with clothespins – large at the top, medium, then small!
  • Done! Yay! My poor front door was so sad and boring without a Christmas wreath. Now, it’s happy again.

~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. So simple yet so beautiful and useful.I conduct sewing hobby classes for kids.This hanging is just awesome .I like to include it in my sewing collection.

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