DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser Craft

DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser Craft. This is so easy to make, and adds so much fun to the kid's bathroom.
It’s snowing in our neck of the woods! Finally…It’s snowing! I woke up to a beautiful, quiet, snow filled winter morning. I love mornings like this. The kids are still sleeping, I have my cup of coffee, and all I can see outside is the lantern across the street reflecting light on shiny snow. Maybe, making this DIY Snowman Soap Dispenser for the kids, sent out big snow thoughts...
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Wine Cork Forest Animals Craft

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -
Do you save your wine corks? I do! I always look at them as a memory that I shared with friends or family. I always knew that my saved wine corks would go toward a fun craft or project, but I never thought that I’d be making cute little forest animals with them. That is until I saw the idea in a magazine I discovered at our library.    I mean, really…how cute are these little guys?!...
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DIY – Making Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salt Craft - A great gift for kids to make. It looks like layered sand art! Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Gift - so many possibilities!
I am giving some old posts a face lift, and re-posting them. This craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! Bath salts make such a great gifts, and they are so much fun to make. The craft is really, a lot like sand art. You can really get carried away making some fun designs! The end result is a nice fragrant, healing bath salt to give away or use yourself. Here’s the tutorial on DIY...
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Paper Doilies Snowman Craft – A Winter Craft

A sweet and simple snowman preschool and kid's winter craft
How cute is this? This is a craft my little guys preschool did with the kids. Preschool teachers are the best, aren’t they? I love...
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Snowman & Cinnamon Stick Hot Chocolate Buddy

A cute Cinnamon Stick buddy for Hot Chocolate. Cute idea for Hot chocolate Bars!
Yesterday, was one of those kind of hibernation feeling snow days. There was a lot of fun in the snow, followed by a lot of hot cocoa! I thought it would be fun to add a snowman to the cup of cocoa. But, after discovering all of my large marshmallows had mysteriously vanished…I had to resort to a snowman buddy! Still fun, and the bonus is you can reuse him. Oh…I have a great short...
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DIY Snow Paint – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Easy DIY Snow Paint Recipe
It’s snowing again!!!! Here’s a simple recipe for snow fun. Make your own snow paint! Click Here for a Snow Paint...
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