The kids are checking this trap every five minutes! Just in case we catch a little Leprechaun – the kids have wishes all ready! Between you and I, if they see a little Leprechaun inside this trap, they’ll run like crazy & stay up at nights for a week! Oh, Good Stuff.  Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your Own:

 We used:

  1. A plastic St. Patrick’s Day hat – easy to cut a hole through the top! Sneaky, right?!
  2. A St. Patrick’s Day Napkin – as a cover for the hole!
  3. Shiny Green Chenille Stems – to make a shiny ladder leading to the gold!
  4. St. Patrick’s Day Decorations to tempt the Leprechaun to climb to the top of your hat!

Leprechaun Trap

Here’s What we did:

  • I cut a hole in the top of the hat.
  • We put the Happy Shamrock Day napkin over the hole to disguise it.  The leprechaun will be so delighted with our Welcome Message, and feel so loved then, Whamo! He or she will fall right through the napkin!
  • We made a little ladder out of the chenille strips leading up to our trap!
  • We added some gold coins, and rainbows to tempt the Leprechaun into the trap!

How to build a leprechaun trap with tempting gold, welcome mats, and rainbows. Then Whamo!

That’s It!

Here’s an updated version. I found this hat at Walmart.

  • This time I used a black party cup for the pot of gold at the top. I stuffed it full of Fiber Fill and added a few gold coins on top to make it look very full! Sneaky, Sneaky!
  • We also added a sign that says Free Gold
  • We still cut a hole in the top of the plastic hat, and laid out a Welcome Mat
  • We are very hopeful this year that we will catch those Leprechauns!

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