Wine Cork Forest Animals Craft

Wine Cork Forest Animal Craft -
Do you save your wine corks? I do! I always look at them as a memory that I shared with friends or family. I always knew that my saved wine corks would go toward a fun craft or project, but I never thought that I’d be making cute little forest animals with them. That is until I saw the idea in a magazine I discovered at our library.    I mean, really…how cute are these...
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DIY – Making Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salt Craft - A great gift for kids to make. It looks like layered sand art! Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Gift - so many possibilities!
I am giving some old posts a face lift, and re-posting them. This craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! Bath salts make such a great gifts, and they are so much fun to make. The craft is really, a lot like sand art. You can really get carried away making some fun designs! The end result is a nice fragrant, healing bath salt to give away or use yourself. Here’s the tutorial...
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Paper Doilies Snowman Craft – A Winter Craft

A sweet and simple snowman preschool and kid's winter craft
How cute is this? This is a craft my little guys preschool did with the kids. Preschool teachers are the best, aren’t they? I love...
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Snowman & Cinnamon Stick Hot Chocolate Buddy

A cute Cinnamon Stick buddy for Hot Chocolate. Cute idea for Hot chocolate Bars!
Yesterday, was one of those kind of hibernation feeling snow days. There was a lot of fun in the snow, followed by a lot of hot cocoa! I thought it would be fun to add a snowman to the cup of cocoa. But, after discovering all of my large marshmallows had mysteriously vanished…I had to resort to a snowman buddy! Still fun, and the bonus is you can reuse him. Oh…I have a great short...
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DIY Snow Paint – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Easy DIY Snow Paint Recipe
It’s snowing again!!!! Here’s a simple recipe for snow fun. Make your own snow paint! Click Here for a Snow Paint...
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A Colorful Twist On Turning Boiling Water Into Snow

A Colorful Twist on Turning Boiling Water into Snow!
Last week in the Chicago area, temperatures really dropped, and I noticed on my Facebook feed that people were really taking advantage of the colder temperatures.  News channel 5, was looking for pictures of people turning boiling water into snow! Hmm…intrigued, I mentioned the idea to a friend who home-schools her four children, and is constantly telling me about crazy science fun....
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