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Mr.Peabody Gift Bag!

We can’t wait to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman! The pictures are fantastic! I love the costumes! I just have sneaky suspicion that there might be some Mr. Peabody & Sherman birthday parties. If that’s the case…you might be interested in a cute little gift bag like this one!

Here’s what I did to make Mr. Peabody:

You’ll Need:

  • White Paper Bags – 4x2x8
  • Round Plastic Glasses – I found these at Party City
  • Google Eyes with green centers – I found these at Michael’s Craft Store
  • Black Pom-Pom for the nose
  • Red, and Black felt sheets with adhesive backing
  • White Felt
  • Cotton Ball


  • Mr.Peabody Gift Bag!
  • Use the black felt to cut out little eyebrows both about an inch in length
  • Cut a bow out of the red felt about 3 inches wide
  • Place eyeballs about 1&1/2 inches apart
  • Mr.Peabody Gift Bag!
  • Cut the ears out of white felt – about five inches long and two inches at the bottom. They should be about 1&1/2 inches wide at the top
  • Assemble the bag as shown with glue
  • Pull one end of a cotton ball to get in pointed, and glue that to the top of the bag for Mr. Peobody’s hair
  • Add the eyeglasses!
  • You’re done!

~ Melissa –

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