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A Toilet Paper Tube Smurf Craft and a Toilet Paper Tube Smurfette Craft. Perfect for your Smurf-loving kids or birthday party…

smurf and smurfette craft

Smurf and Smurfette Craft

Thank goodness the Smurfs 2 movie came around during our very, rainy, summer week. We followed up our fun movie experience with a trip to Michael’s craft store. And, this is what we came up with for a Smurf, and Smurfette craft. If you plan on having a Smurf birthday party or would like to make a smurf craft with the kids, read on… I’ll tell you what I did to make these cute dolls that my 6-year-old daughter has completely taken over!

Supplies needed:

  • Blue tubes – I bought these great pre-painted toilet paper tubes. Creatology is the company that makes them. I figured that by the time I bought the blue spray paint…I would have just as much money invested. I took the easy way out!
  • nice CLEAN white socks for my hat idea. I found that size 4-6 fancy girl socks work well for the size I needed – I got them at the Dollar Tree
  • Cotton balls to stuff the socks/hats
  • A warm glue gun and glue sticks
  • Giant google eyes
  • Blue foam sheets
  • Sharp scissors for the adult!
  • Blue pom-poms for the nose – small
  • Yellow felt for the Smurfette hair – cut a U shape for her hair, and another oblong U for her bangs
  • Black elastic beading chord for eyelashes – cut 6 small pieces (3 for each of Smurfette’s eyes)
  • A black sharpie for the eyebrows and mouths
  • A little read heart for Smurfette’s tongue
  • A Smurf Craft
  • The hat is just a little sock stuffed with cotton balls!
  • When you get the sock on the tube as your hat, fold it over and secure it with the glue
  • Assemble the eyes by:
  • A Smurf Craft
  • cutting a blue circle from the blue foam sheet – a little larger than the black pupil, and smaller than the whites of the eye.
  • A Smurf Craft
  • Turn the eye over, and cut a slit in the backs of the google eyes – insert the blue circle behind the black pupil
  • A Smurf Craft
  • Use a sharpie to draw the mouths and eyebrows
  • Use the black pieces of cording to give Smurfette eyelashes
  • A Smurf Craft

Assemble like the picture shown! Enjoy!

~Melissa – www.KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com – crafts, fun foods, recipes, party ideas, and fun ideas for your whole family!

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