A Holiday Pine Cone Door Swag Christmas Craft

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This is a fun and simple holiday Pinecone Door Swag Christmas craft that produces a beautiful Swag or Wreath decoration for your front door for years to come. 

Christmas Swag Craft

Christmas Swag Craft:

You’ll Need:

  • 6 large pine cones – I bought a bag of the cinnamon scented pine cones that you see in every grocery store around the holidays
  • Drapery Chord – I bought 1&1/2 yards of the chord at JoAnn Fabric Store
  • Scotch tape
  • Twisty tie
  • A pretty bow
  • Optional – Adhesive spray and snow glitter
  • Wreath hanger

Now, on to the swag:

  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • So, you’ll want to set your pine cones into a tier formation – I placed 3 at the top, 2 in the middle, and finally 1 at the bottom
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • Section off your chord, (one long piece for the bottom cone, 2 medium-length pieces for the middle cones, and 3 short pieces for the top cones) and wrap scotch tape around the section you plan on cutting – this is important – the tape keeps the cording from unraveling
  • Cut the chord in the center of the scotch tape
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • Hot glue one end of each chord to your designated pine cones
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • Gather the chords at the top and secure them with your twist tie – Add glue to even further secure them
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • Add your pretty bow to the top of the chords, and twist the ties around your chords
  • Bend the extra ends of the chord over the twist in the bow, and glue
  • Use the extra pieces of the ribbon twists to form a circle to hang the swag, or slip a ribbon through the bent chords and tie to make a place to hang the swag from
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft    Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • If you want to add some sparkle, spray the adhesive spray onto the pine cones and sprinkle snow glitter
  • Simple Holiday Swag Craft
  • Hang on the wreath hanger!

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