DIY – Making Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salt Craft - A great gift for kids to make. It looks like layered sand art! Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Teacher's Gift - so many possibilities!
I am giving some old posts a face lift, and re-posting them. This craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts! Bath salts make such a great gifts, and they are so much fun to make. The craft is really, a lot like sand art. You can really get carried away making some fun designs! The end result is a nice fragrant, healing bath salt to give away or use yourself. Here’s the tutorial...
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Simple “Felt & Clothespin” Heart Door Hanger

Rustic, Simple and Cute Valentine Door Hanger
Y’all, I don’t sew. Well, I take that back…I can sew by hand, and I used to cross stitch. But, that is my limit. All major sewing projects go to my mother – the master quilter and sewing machine expert extraordinaire! Another confession (while I’m confessing) is that I have no patience for a long craft. That’s why fabri-tac and glue guns giving instant bonds...
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Valentine Olaf Bowling

Valentine Olaf Bowling Game Idea - Kids love rolling Olaf's head at his bodies! This is so much fun you guys!
Hey y’all! I know a lot of you moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and teachers are trying hard to find a fun game for the kid’s Valentine’s Day party! Well…Look no further! I’m telling you, the kids absolutely LOVE flying Olaf’s head toward paper towel bowling pins!   I thought it would be fun to put a Valentine’s Day twist on the original...
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Valentine’s Day Cards & Decorating Ideas

Good Morning – Day after the Super Bowl! I hope your Super Bowl Sunday was fantastic! I woke up to a Winter Wonderland, yesterday, here in the Chicago-land Area. Luckily we made Super Bowl plans with neighbors; so we could walk over, if we had to! This morning, I’m recovering from all of the snow fun combined with game night while I share some fun ideas I’ve found on the web...
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Paper Bag Backpack Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

Making a backpack out of a paper bag! This was a craft in a Sunday School lesson on sharing. I can see this used as a craft on recycling, holding writing prompts, nature, etc...!
This paper bag backpack is so much fun! I love it! This particular one was used as a follow up to a Sunday School lesson on sharing! The verse is Acts 2:45, and it’s about sharing personal belongings. I can see this as a follow up to so many lessons! – recycling, nature hikes, a place to store writing prompts, holding Valentines, etc…! Here’s the how to: Turn the bag so...
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Making A Crayon Infused Wax Paper Sun Catcher – Kid Friendly Things To Do .com

A cool recycling craft, and sun catcher all in one!
Get out your vegetable peeler, and broken crayons for this sun catcher craft!  I cut out heart shapes for Valentines Day, but you can do any shape you want! This is  a fun way to catch the sun, and recycle! You’ll Need: Crayons Vegetable Paper Scissors Iron Wax Paper Now: Cut your shape out of 2 sheets of wax paper Use a protective surface – I used a baking sheet lined with wax paper...
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