Coffee Toffee Milk Shake

Oh coffee! I love you, coffee! This looks amazing! Gonna try this soon

I don’t know about you, but after chasing kids around all morning – who seem to be on a never-ending coffee high, I need a little dose of caffeine! I know it’s not very practical to get the blender out and whip up a coffee milk shake on a daily basis. But on a special day, maybe when company is over, break out the blender, and give this a go! In return the drink will give you the go you need to get through the late afternoon, and into bedtime! Oh, sweet bedtime! That’s my time for a little bit of American Pickers! My new favorite bedtime show! Here’s What You’ll Need To Make These Delicious Coffee Toffee Milk Shake Drinks: 

Oh coffee! I love you, coffee! This looks amazing! Gonna try this soon

Coffee Toffee Milk Shake
A delicious refreshing cold coffee milk shake
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  1. 3 Cups of Vanilla Ice Cream
  2. 1/2 Cup of Milk
  3. 2 Cups of Brewed Coffee
  4. 1/2 Cup Chopped Chocolate Covered Toffee Candy Bar - Divided
  5. 1/2 Cup of Cool Whip
  6. 2 ts. of Butterscotch Ice-Cream Syrup
  7. 1 Cup of Ice Cubes
  8. Whip Cream for even more yumminess! - Not a real word, but fitting for this drink!
  1. Reserving some of the candy for a garnish, pour everything else into a blender or food processor
  2. Blend until it's smooth
  3. Serve in a glass with whip cream, and sprinkled toffee candy. So good!
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 Enjoy your Coffee Toffee Milk Shake 🙂 I know, I did!


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