A Colorful Twist On Turning Boiling Water Into Snow

A Colorful Twist on Turning Boiling Water into Snow!

Last week in the Chicago area, temperatures really dropped, and I noticed on my Facebook feed that people were really taking advantage of the colder temperatures.  News channel 5, was looking for pictures of people turning boiling water into snow! Hmm…intrigued, I mentioned the idea to a friend who home-schools her four children, and is constantly telling me about crazy science fun. She was already turning bubbles into frozen bubbles. She told me, to get a better effect, she colors her bubble solution with Kool-Aid! Hmm…again, intrigued. From that idea, I decided to color the boiling water before throwing it into the snow. I was hoping the vapors would be a bright color. We can’t see the color in the ice crystals, (at least not with blue coloring), but look at the cool definition we achieved. You can see the line of the water droplets that fall to the ground, and the vapors rising out of those – turning into ice crystals, and blowing away! Super fun –  very visual – so cool! Here are some snapshots of our fun experiment!

*Note – I handled the water.  Be careful, and use a pot with a long handle. Oven mitts are a good idea. Throw the water up, and away from your body.

  •  A Colorful Twist on Turning Boiling Water into Snow!
  • You can see the blue water that drops to the ground, and the huge cloud of ice crystals rising up!
  • A Colorful Twist on Turning Boiling Water into Snow!
  • The water has dropped, and all that remains is a cloud of snow!
  • Here’s a link to the science behind the experiment!

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