Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcake Idea

Mickey Mouse Cupcake
Poor Mickey. With two girls in the house, he’s taken a backseat to his girl, Minnie Mouse! I thought he deserved a cupcake idea, too! This one is super easy! No fondant. Only chocolate frosting, Red fruit roll-ups, cookies, and marshmallows! Easy Breezy! Here’s How: For each Mickey Mouse, You’ll Need: A Cupcake Frosted With A Generous Amount Of Chocolate Frosting A Red Fruit...
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Easiest Minnie Mouse Cupcake Idea, Ever!

Minnie Mouse Cupcake
Oh man! I wish I had thought of using a FRUIT ROLL UP  and Cookies before my daughter’s sixth birthday party! Why mess around with fondant when this much easier way achieves absolutely adorable results! Here’s what I did to make this super EASY Minnie Mouse cupcake!: You’ll Need: Cupcakes frosted with pink frosting placed in pink Wilton cupcake wrappers – find these at...
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Minnie Mouse Cupcakes – A Fun Food

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! I love Pinterest! Pinterest is  a paperless magazine of ideas! As my youngest daughter’s birthday advanced, I pinned every Minnie Mouse birthday idea that I saw on Pinterest! These Minnie Mouse inspired cupcakes seemed easy enough. And, I knew that if I could pull it off, these cupcakes would steal the show! They are not your typical Minnie Mouse colors....
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A Four Leaf Clover Cupcake For St. Patrick’s Day

The Best of St. Patrick's Day Desserts
Well, I blew it. I didn’t look up the definition of a Shamrock until these were eaten and gone. Apparently a Shamrock is a 3 leaf clover. I was thinking because a 4 leaf clover is supposed to bring luck this would be a perfect St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock cupcake. Ugh! In my defense, I a search within Pinterest for St. Patrick’s Day did bring up both 3 and 4 leaved clovers....
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Making A Pot Of Gold Cupcake For St. Patrick’s Day!

Pot Of Gold Cupcake For St. Patrick's Day
This is a super simple cupcake topper for St. Patrick’s Day. And, it’s Easy Peasy! Here are your step by step instructions!: You’ll Need: For each one A Marshmallow – I used a jumbo campfire marshmallow, but you can use a normal sized one Dark Chocolate Wilton Chocolate Melts – I did see black ones last time I was there. Wishing I had those for this pot-o-gold! Gold...
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A Lucky Horseshoe Marshmallow Cupcake Topper!

A Horseshoe Cupcake
It’s a lucky horseshoe! I made it in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but you could change the colors and transform it into a Cowboy or Cowgirl Birthday Party Cupcake!  Here’s what I did, and the step by step pictures to walk you through it! You’ll Need: for one horseshoe A large marshmallow – not campfire jumbo 2 sheets of wax paper Rolling pin Scissors A bowl of water...
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