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Add some simple embellishments to a classic gift bag, and Voila’, you have the cutest gift bags for your Halloween party. Try these ideas to make your own Gift Bags for Halloween – a bat, ghost, and owl bag for this Halloween.

halloween bag craft

Gift Bags for Halloween

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For The Owl:

halloween gift bag craft

Supply List –

  1. Purple glitter paper
  2. Silver Glitter paper
  3. Gold glitter paper
  4. Warm Glue gun and glue sticks
  5. Orange glass beads – these come in bulk, and are sold as vase fillers – usually found in the floral section
  6. Black paper bag
  7. Little black paper dots – I used some from a bag of confetti. You can also use a hole punch to punch out black circles from black construction paper
  • I flipped the purple paper to the back and drew wings with a pencil, and then cut those out.
  • I used gold glitter paper for the nose – It’s just an oval that’s a little wider on the top
  • I used silver glitter paper for the two ears, and glued those to the backside of the front of the bag, on either side of the handle


  • Using the purple glitter paper – I cut out a circle a little larger than orange glass beads
  • I used orange glass beads for the eyes
  • I used black confetti dots for the center of the owl eye

For The Ghost:

halloween gift bag craft

Supply List:

  1. Craft clue
  2. Black Glitter
  3. Eyeballs
  4. Ribbon
  5. White Paper Bag
  • I used glitter for the mouth – I used glue to make an oval shape for the mouth, and sprinkled black glitter
  • I used oval google eyes for the ghost eyes and hot glued them
  • I finished this ghost off with a purple hair ribbon tied to the handle of the bag

For The Bat:

halloween gift bag craft

Supply List:

  1. Liquid Craft glue
  2. Black felt
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Green glass beads – find these in the floral department. They are usually called vase fillers
  5. Silver glitter
  6. Black paper bag
  • I used green glass beads for the eyes – I hot glued them in place
  • I used a black confetti dot for the center of the eye, and embellished it with silver glitter
  • To make the fangs and the eyebrows, I drew the shapes of fangs and eyebrows on the bags with glue, and sprinkled silver glitter over the glue
  • For the wings and bat ears, I cut black felt pieces to resemble bat wings, and black felt ears (basically a really tall and skinny triangle), then I sprayed – spray adhesive (you can also use hair spray) onto the felt, and sprinkled black glitter onto the felt pieces.
  • Let those dry before gluing them on with hot glue
  • Here’s a template for bat wings from DLTK

There you have it! A Scary Bat, Cute Ghost, And Mischievous Owl for your party! Enjoy!


~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com –

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