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DIY – Make a No Sew Quilted Checkerboard and Bottle Cap Checkers

DIY - Make a No Sew Checkerboard and Bottle Cap Checkers
When we go to one of  my favorite restaurants, Cracker Barrel, the kids head straight to the checkerboard! I’ve always wanted to create that big porch with rocking chairs, so we can have the same checkerboard experience at our home. So… when I saw a picture in a magazine with a homemade checkerboard made out of material, paint, and soda tops, I knew I had to create a version of...
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Three Ingredient Campfire or Backyard Grill Dip

3 Ingredient Campfire Dip -
Wow! The family didn’t waste anytime attacking this simple camping dip. I love seeing them enjoy time around the picnic table together and I especially love these simple to make treats. This recipe is perfect for summer nights and camping trips! Come on in and I’ll show you the “how to”:   I remember looking forward to the meals around the campfire. My mom always had...
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Homemade Sweet Tea Popsicles and Sweet Tea Recipe

Refreshing Homemade Sweet Tea Popsicles with a recipe for the Ultimate Sweet Tea! -
Sweet Tea Required – Lemon Optional! If you have a little of the South in your soul, YOU probably love sweet tea! However, having Southern Roots, is NOT a requirement for the love of sweet tea. Cool off at a summer party with these Sweet Tea Popsicles! Here’s what you’ll want to do to enjoy these refreshing Popsicles: Sweet Tea–  Recipe below Popsicle Tray...
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A Paper Plate Crab Craft for Kids to Make

A Paper Plate Crab Craft for Kids to Make - Perfect for Ocean, Under the Sea, Finding Dory and summer parties!
I have to say, this is Stinkin’ Adorable! My little guy has been posing this paper plate crab for hours. Every time I walk by the patio table, this crab is in a different position! Connor keeps saying, “Ok mom, NOW take a picture!”. Hmm…future photographer? I think I have about 80 pictures of this Paper Plate Crab Craft, so yes! That’s a possible career for him....
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Delicious No Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie

Delicious No Bake Fresh Strawberry Pie - An award winning pie. perfect for back yard summer picnics and holidays.
I admit that I am not a huge dessert person. I don’t have a big sweet tooth like the rest of my family.  My kids love of ice cream definitely comes from their dad.  I can easily pass on a piece of cake. Doughnuts and muffins are another sweet treat that I can walk away from. Pie, though, now that  is an altogether different experience for me. I especially love a pie that has...
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Finding Dory Jello Party Snack for Kids

A super easy Finding Dory Jello Party Snack for birthday parties or just for fun. Great for an ocean or under the sea birthday, too!
Are you excited about the new Finding Dory that’s coming out in 8 days? We are! I’m sort of hoping the Drive In will get it that week, so we can have that experience along with the movie. I think it’s going to be the cutest movie. I’m also thinking that there will be a whole lot of kids excited about Dory everything, so I made a simple fun Finding Dory Jello Snack for...
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DIY Human Foosball Game for Family Fun

DIY Human Foosball Game for Family Fun - The best! Make with PVC pipes  you can take apart & store for backyard fun when you want it!
So THIS is EPIC FUN! A while back, I saw a hilarious Youtube video with a family playing Human Foosball. I was immediately hooked on the idea. Seriously, who came up with this idea? I love it! When I reluctantly signed on to chair a fifth grade celebration, I knew this would be one of our stations. What kids wouldn’t want to take a game they love and become the game? Come on in...
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Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream

Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream. Perfect every time, easy and delicious. Great for holidays and picnics! -
I’ve noticed this post for Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream in my top 10, lately. That got me to thinkin’ I’d better whip up a batch and get some better pictures. The kids were NOT disappointed! Here’s the old post with updated pictures… So, this didn’t last long on the platter. As a matter of fact, the strawberries were gone in about 2.5 seconds. And, the...
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A Fun Shovel and Pail Shaped Watermelon For Fruit Salad

What a fun and simple idea for fruit salad! This shovel and pail watermelon is perfect for holidays, summer picnics, and Ocean birthday parties like Finding Dory or whatever!
Hello Summer! This Fun Shovel and Pail Watermelon will be great to take to picnics, holidays, Ocean (Under the Sea) birthday parties and backyard gatherings! Come on in and I’ll show you my easy peasy tutorial on making this fun food idea for fruit salad: For this Fun Food Idea, you’ll need: A watermelon that can stand on it’s end Cantelope, grapes and other fruit salad fruit...
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A DIY Awesome Soft Giant Jenga Game For Kids

tA DIY Awesome Soft Giant Jenga Game For Kids - My kids couldn't stop playing it. For parties, anytime, summer and backyard fun!
I’m super excited to share this idea with you, today! Have you seen the  Giant Jenga games on Pinterest? I’ve been searching Pinterest for fun summer games and I’ve seen it over and over. I was crazy enough to let the PTO talk me into hosting our fifth grade graduation party, and I’m looking for only the most awesome and realistic games for kids. I know better than...
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