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A Fun Shovel and Pail Shaped Watermelon For Fruit Salad

What a fun and simple idea for fruit salad! This shovel and pail watermelon is perfect for holidays, summer picnics, and Ocean birthday parties like Finding Dory or whatever!
Hello Summer! I love, love, love how this turned out! I’m so excited to do this all summer long. This Fun Shovel and Pail Watermelon will be great to take to picnics, holidays, Ocean (Under the Sea) birthday parties and backyard gatherings! Come on in and I’ll show you my easy peasy tutorial on making this fun food idea for fruit salad: For this Fun Food Idea, you’ll need: A...
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A DIY Awesome Soft Giant Jenga Game For Kids

tA DIY Awesome Soft Giant Jenga Game For Kids - My kids couldn't stop playing it. For parties, anytime, summer and backyard fun!
I’m super excited to share this idea with you, today! Have you seen the  Giant Jenga games on Pinterest? I’ve been searching Pinterest for fun summer games and I’ve seen it over and over. I was crazy enough to let the PTO talk me into hosting our fifth grade graduation party, and I’m looking for only the most awesome and realistic games for kids. I know better than...
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Easy Spaghetti Noodle Shrimp Lo Mein Recipe

You need to try this! Easy Spaghetti Noodle Shrimp Lo Mein -
All I’m going to say is…you need to try this Spaghetti Noodle Shrimp Lo Mein. You really need to try it. Easy, NOT take out (way healthier), and delicious! You should really try it. You wont’ believe how easy and delicious this is. So much better than take out! Here’s some stuff you might need or even want for this recipe:   And, here it is: Spaghetti Noodle Lo...
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Corn on the Cob Rice Krispies Treats Fun Food for Summer!

Corn on the Cob Rice Krispies Treats Fun Food for Summer! For a family picnic, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July! Kidac
These really turned out cute. I have had my corn mold out for about a month on the counter to remind myself to try this idea of making Corn on the Cob Rice Krispies Treats. My weekends have been filled with birthday parties and soccer. My weeknights have been at track fields. Geesh! I can’t wait for summer to begin, so we can relax and try more of these fun and yummy treats. They are the...
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Easy DIY Graduation Cap For Kids Craft

Easy DIY Graduation Cap For Kids Craft - So simple to make and looks a lot like the real thing!
So, I was sitting with a mom at school telling her how I wished that I could buy a Graduation Cap for all of the 5th graders. They are so expensive to buy, especially when you have 60 kids graduation. I told her that I thought I would end up spending the better half of a day to make my own. This is where she stepped in and saved me! She told me about a DIY cap she saw at a preschool...
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Barbecue Smoky Sweet Rub Recipe – Kid Friendly Things To Do

Barbecue Smoky Sweet Rub Recipe - This rub is easy to prepare, and makes your meat taste delicious, instantly! -
Hey all! I am bringing this one out of the archives for all of your delicious barbecues this summer! I’m telling you…one bite of grilled meat with this stuff rubbed on will have you hooked for life! You’ll be a lifer! Oh and psst…It’s a great Father’s Day present! Here’s the post with some updated pictures. YUM! I recently put gift baskets together with...
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Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids

A Finding Dory Party Drink for Kids - This is the perfect drink of an ocean themed or Finding Dory birthday party! -
This is so darn cute! It’s the perfect drink for those Finding Dory or ocean themed birthday parties! Of course I made it simple to make, because who has time for complicated? (Especially…when your trying to pull a party together!) Believe me, I just pulled off another birthday party in the Haines’ House. I know that the less complicated, the better for everyone! Come on in and...
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If You Could Save a Child By Buying 1 Movie Ticket, Would You?

Really, that’s all you have to do. You just have to go to the movies! Usually, I sit back and think, I wish I could help, but how? How could I possibly leave and go on some crazy mission to help kids? I have four that need me, right here. This movie that I mentioned above, The Abolitionists has made it possible for you and I to help kids suffering in unimaginable ways...
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Fun and Simple Pool Noodle Boat Craft For Kids

Fun and Simple Pool Noodle Boat Craft For Kids - So easy to make and what fun! You probably have the supplies at home!
This is so much fun and so easy to make! I had all of the supplies at home, and we were done making this in minutes! My  thirteen year old was even excited to try this out! Come on in, and I’ll show you how to make this amazing Pool Noodle Boat Craft for your summer, ocean birthday party, or bath time fun!  I love the simple crafts. I just know the kids will have so much fun...
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How To Make Rice Krispies Treats Maracas

The best Rice Krispies Treats Maracas stuffed with M&Ms Minis so they make noise when you shake them!
I am pulling this one out of the archives to show you a fun treat for Cinco De Mayo. I made these last year for the kids and they were so much fun. The M&Ms inside, actually make a rattling sound when you shake them! Here you go: These are the best! Perfect for Cinco De Mayo! Fair Warning though, if you make these with the kids around! They will drive you nuts! My kids, plus their friends...
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