Make A Plush Easter Egg From A Paper Towel Roll – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

While out shopping, I noticed all of the beautiful egg displays. I couldn’t really splurge on all of the pretty table accessories, but I thought they could still inspire a more economical version, and craft idea. So, thinking back to the beautiful pumpkins we made out of toilet paper rolls, last fall – I thought why couldn’t we make an egg version? What’s taller than toilet paper, but has the same form? Of course, paper towel!

I think it came out pretty well. Next year, I think I’ll think I’ll experiment with more varieties, with a really impressive display! For now, this is a great start, and a beautiful, soft addition to the Easter display!

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make Your Own:

  • A Roll of Paper Towel
  • Quilter’s Batting, or something similar to give the paper towel some extra fluff.
  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
  • A piece of Easter Fabric – or pastel fabric – about 39 x 39 inches. Polka Dots would be so cute!
  • A Decorative Easter  -or- Spring accessory – like a butterfly (butterfly accessories are all over the place for spring) – to go on top of your egg. It hides the section of fabric pushed into the paper towel tube. With the pumpkin the stem does this job.

Now, Here’s What You’ll Need To Do:

  • Cut the batting so it’s tall enough to cover  the length of your paper towel and long enought to wrap around your paper towel, at least one time.

Easter Egg Craft

  • Glue to secure
  • Place your fluffy paper towel in the center of your fabric.
  • Pulling the fabric up so it’s really snug – Let the kids start stuffing the fabric into the top of the paper towel tube, going around in a clockwise direction.

Easter Egg Craft

  • Secure the last of it with glue – if it needs it.
  • You can also pull the fabric at the top together to form more of a narrow top – if you want to really get the EGG shape. Secure with needle & thread, safety pins, or glue. (You wont be able to see the top, once you add the Easter accessory to the top.)
  • Add your butterfly, chicken, or bunny, etc… to the top of your egg to hide the top.

Easter Egg Craft

  • You’re Done!


Easter Egg Craft


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