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A Beautiful Turkey Craft & Display For Thanksgiving!

This beautiful Turkey would look so great as your Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece! While on a hayride, I snapped a picture of this turkey. As soon as I spotted it, I knew it would be a perfect craft, or display for Thanksgiving! My big, ambitious plans were to recreate this cutie, but sadly I can never find the time to get around to it. I hope I will soon, but until then, I think I know what you’ll need to make this beautiful turkey. Use the picture as your guide, and try this supply list:

You’ll Need:

  • A real, or craft pumpkin (if you are going with a real pumpkin – then you will need a drill, and drill bits)
  • A real, or craft “Summer Crook Neck Gourd” for the head, and neck
  • A Wooden dowel to support the weight of the gourd
  • Assorted colored feathers
  • A sharp knife to carve the beak
  • Finally, Acrylic paint – White, and black
  • A Beautiful Turkey Craft & Display For Thanksgiving!
  • It looks like you’ll need to turn the pumpkin on its side
  • If you are using a real pumpkin, you’ll want to drill several small holes into the back/top of the pumpkin to insert the feathers – If you have an easier tool to poke holes, that’s even better
  • You’ll want to make another hole toward the front/top of the pumpkin to insert the dowel – make sure it is not larger than your dowel, or the dowel will not have a tight fit to support the head
  • Push the dowel all the way in to the pumpkin. Leave some dowel exposed on top of the pumpkin to fit the head onto it
  • You’ll need another hole in the bottom of the gourd to push onto the dowel
  • Try to carve a point in the stem of the gourd to look like the beak of the turkey
  • Place the gourd onto the dowel with the curve facing toward you
  • Finally, insert your feathers, and paint eyes onto the curved portion of the gourd
  • Oh, and add a little waddle to the beak with glue – a red pipe cleaner, or red rick-rack would be perfect!
  • Happy Crafting

~Melissa –

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