Spring Chicks Chocolate Covered Strawberries {Easy Easter Treat}

Strawberry chicks easy Easter treat


  • 12 oz. of yellow chocolate melts
  • 1 lb. of strawberries rinsed and dried (not all will be suitable for dipping. You’ll probably weed some out)
  • blue candies for the eyes – mini M&Ms or Sixlets are great options
  • orange sprinkles for the beak
  • wax paper
  • microwave proof glass bowl
  • toothpick


Melt your chocolate in the glass bowl – I like to pop it in the microwave for 1 minute, stir and then pop it back in for 30 more seconds

chocolate covered strawberry

Dip the strawberries into the bowl, spin them around to coat, and then set them on wax paper to dry

Dip a toothpick into the melted chocolate to get some melted chocolate on the tip

  • While the strawberries are upside down, use your toothpick to grab some melted chocolate and dot some melted chocolate onto the spots where the eyes and beak will go

making Easter chicks treats for kids

  • In no particular order…add the beak – 2 orange sprinkles in a V (the image below has a great visual for this)
  • Finally, add the eyes

Flip the strawberry around and TaDa – you have little strawberry chicks.


  • *if it is a particularly warm day, your chocolate might take a little longer to harden. You might have to hold the candies in place a few seconds longer until the chocolate has cooled and thickened