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Easy Steak Skewers with Delicious 30 Minute Marinade | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Easy Steak Skewers with 30 Minute Marinade
You are going to love this easy 30 Minute Marinade for Steak Skewers. It’s the perfect marinade for busy nights and those nights that you can’t figure out what to cook for dinner. You can throw slices of steak, chicken or pork in a bag of marinade for a quick 30 minutes, and it tastes exactly like it’s been soaking all night. Love the shortcuts. Come on in an I’ll share...
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Patriotic Chocolate Pretzel Bites {Red, White, and Blue Treat} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Making Red, White and Blue Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Make the perfect Red, White and Blue treat that ‘s easy to make and absolutely delicious. Your guests will love popping these Patriotic Pretzel Bites into their mouths. They will be the hit of the patriotic treats. Come on in and I’ll share how you can make these Patriotic Pretzel Bites, today… Patriotic Pretzel Bites {Red, White, and Blue Treat}… If you are looking for...
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Creamy Salmon Pasta With Linguine and Tomatoes | Kid Friendly Things To Do

How to Make Creamy Salmon Pasta
Grilled Salmon and Creamy Pasta is a simple and delicious combination. This Creamy Salmon Pasta is filled with the best cream sauce, tomatoes, and healthy grilled salmon. Come on in and I’ll share an Easy Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe that is sure to be a family favorite…       Creamy Salmon Pasta…   Last week, I finally had the perfect night to grill up some salmon. I love, love,...
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9 Fun Soccer Party & Soccer Snack Ideas {with lots of Free Printables} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Over 9 soccer party and snack ideas with free printables
From Soccer Birthday Parties, to end of the soccer season parties, to easy soccer snack or drink ideas. This post has it all plus free printables for you and your soccer players. Come on in and I’ll share these fun Soccer Party and Soccer Snack Ideas for your next special occasion, soccer camp, or soccer game… I am so excited to share this sponsored post written on behalf of the...
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Loaded Turtle Brownies {with German Chocolate Cake Mix} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Turtle Brownies Recipe
These turtle brownies are oozing with caramel and tons of chocolate. I mean, really, what more could you want from a brownie? Come on in and I’ll show you how to make these heavenly bites of turtle brownies…   The best recipes always come from my mom’s old church cookbooks. I mean, those guys and gals knew how to cook! These are no exception. Just look at that fudginess...
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Garden Stone Markers {A Rock Painting Idea for Kids} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Painted Rock Idea - Chalk Painted Garden Markers
Painting and decorating rocks is such a fun activity to do with the kids. You can go on a rock hunt, or make it really easy and purchase a big bag of river rocks. Either way, the kids will love painting rocks with chalk paint and decorating them with chalk markers. The great part about chalk rocks is the ability to erase your decorations and draw others. If the kids make a mistake – no...
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{Healthy} Shrimp Wraps with Creamy Cajun Dressing | Kid Friendly Things To Do

shrimp tortilla wrap recipe
This shrimp wrap is packed with healthy lettuce, cucumber, and delicious shrimp. It’s all wrapped up in a tortilla complete with creamy cajun dressing. This shrimp sandwich makes the perfect lunch or dinner for your family.  Come on in and I’ll share this easy to make and yummy Healthy Shrimp Wrap…   You are going to love how easy this Shrimp Wrap is to make. Here are my top...
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Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Kid Friendly Things To Do

patriotic chocolate covered strawberries
Add Chocolate Covered Strawberries to your Patriotic Holiday. These fun Patriotic Strawberries are perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day picnics. They are easy to make and fun to decorate with the kids. Come on in and I’ll share this fun Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fun Food Idea… Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries…     These Chocolate Covered...
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Vanishing Oatmeal Bars with Chocolate Chips Recipe | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Oatmeal Bars with chocolate chips
These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars are so delicious. That’s why they are named vanishing. They will literally vanish before your eyes! Come on in and I’ll share my recipe for Vanishing Oatmeal Bars with Chocolate Chips… Oatmeal Bars with Chocolate Chips   I made the mistake of standing in front of the platter of these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars. I think I ate about 15! 🙁 They...
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Greek Pizza Recipe on Naan Bread {The Best} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Greek pizza recipe
The best Greek Pizza Recipe. Loaded with hummus, Feta cheese, Greek Olives, Delicious Artichokes and more. It’s so easy to make and sure to be a big hit! Come on in and I’ll share the recipe for this Greek Pizza… Greek Pizza Recipe   Using already made Naan Flatbread as a crust makes this Greek Pizza really easy to make. But, you can use a homemade or store bought crust as a...
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