Painting the Snow

You can make snow paint and paint on the snow with some items hanging out around the house. Have more fun on your next snow day with this homemade snow-paint recipe.

snow paint in squeeze bottles

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Snow Paint Recipe 

Making winter crafts with the kids is a fun way to spend the day inside, but when it’s a snow day, it’s time to head outside for some snow painting fun. Making snow paint with the kids is a fun winter activity like making bath salts, making milk paint, or making scented playdough, .

What You’ll Love About Making Snow Paint

  • It is so incredibly easy to make
  • Kids will be entertained outside for a longer period of time.
  • It encourages creativity in the snow

Supplies needed for Painting in the Snow

snow paint supplies

Food Coloring – You do not have to use liquid food coloring. As a matter of fact, gel food coloring comes in a larger variety of colors so you can have more fun creating paintings in the snow. Make black for outlines and to make a hat and buttons on a snowman painting.

Water – Fill your bottles most of the way up with water

Spray Bottles – If you don’t have any empty spray bottles, maybe your Windex (Or whatever cleaning supplies reside in bottles) can live in another container while you borrow the spray bottle for the day. You can also use candy squeeze bottles

How to make Snow Paint

snow paint
  1. Fill up your spray bottles with a mixture of food coloring and water.
  2. Place the lid on tightly, cover any holes on the top, and shake vigorously to mix the colorant.
  3. Darker colors will be more vibrant in the snow, so add some extra drops of coloring to your water if it’s too diluted.
  4. Now, you can go out and paint some snow. Just don’t aim at the house

Expert Tips

Spray bottles will give a wide mist of color. Squeeze bottles will give bold lines of color

If you do not have either spray or squeeze bottle. Make your own. Fill up an empty water bottle and poke a hole in the lid. Place the lid on tightly.

Let the kids know ahead of time to only aim at the snow with their snow paint


Add a little cornstarch to thicken up the snow paint a little and make colors appear more vivid

Ideas for Painting in the Snow

  • Draw a snowman
  • Make a snowman and add color to enhance his or her cuteness
  • Make a snow caterpillar and color each snowball segment a different color for a colorful snow caterpillar
  • Make a rainbow in the snow


What kind of paint do you use to paint in the snow?

All you need is food coloring and water to make snow paint

Do I have to use liquid food coloring for snow paint?

No. If you have gel food coloring, it works the same. The bonus with gel food colors is that you have a larger variety of colors to choose from and make into snow paint.

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Printable Instructions for Making Snow Paint

snow paint
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Snow Paint Recipe

How to make snow paint for painting in the snow
Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time3 minutes
Author: Melissa Haines
Cost: $5


  • 4 spray or squeeze bottles
  • 4 food coloring different colors
  • water


  • Fill up your spray bottles with a mixture of food coloring and water
  • Darker colors will be more vibrant in the snow, so add some extra drops of coloring to your water if it's too diluted


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