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Root Beer Barbecue Sauce

Root Beer Barbecue Sauce on table
I have been dying to make a barbecue sauce with root beer for some time, now. Sadly, there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done that I set my mind to do.  I’m so glad that I finally managed to try this Root Beer Barbecue Sauce Recipe out. It was worth the wait, and it was a snap to make. Come on in and I’ll share the recipe for this delicious Barbecue...
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Firefighter Race – A Water Game for Kids and Teens!

Filling up a bucket with water during a water relay race
Keep the kids entertained and cool off this summer with this fun Water Game for Kids! Firefighter Race is easy to set up and take down. Get the kids moving and enjoying outside, today! Come on in and I’ll show you how to set this fun game up to enjoy this summer… Relay games are always fun for kids. Adding water elevates the fun even more!  Here’s a fun video to show you this...
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Ladybug Craft Idea Using Recycled Egg Cartons

This Ladybug Craft Idea is perfect for kids and even adults. Great idea for spring projects or recycle projects in preschool and kindergarten. Using egg cartons makes it a great recycle craft, as well. Decorate the house this summer with these cute little bugs. Come on in and I’ll share my easy “how to” on this Ladybug Craft Idea… Isn’t this the cutest little...
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Firecracker Chocolate Marshmallows – Easy Patriotic Treat

Patriotic Marshmallow Treat on Display
You all probably know that I love a fun and done, easy treat. These Firecracker Marshmallows are so easy, yummy and adorable on a platter. It’s the perfect Easy Patriotic Treat for your summer parties. Come on in and I’ll share my simple “how to” for these yummy sweet treats… I love the chocolate running down the side of the marshmallows. It’s so pretty. These...
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Copycat KFC Coleslaw Recipe

KFC Coleslaw Copycat in bowl
 This tastes just like KFC coleslaw! If you like KFC coleslaw, this is the KFC Coleslaw Recipe is for you! It’s the perfect side for you summer barbeques. Come on in and I’ll share this copycat recipe with you… I love coleslaw as a side. It’s the perfect side for just about anything summer related. It’s simple to make too. What’s not to love about that? This...
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Water Balloon Hunt Outdoor Game for Kids to Play

Beat the heat with this summer with Water Balloon Hunt. It’s such a fun Outdoor Game for Kids to Play. You’ll love how easy and fun it is to set up and the fun it provides the kids. Make some memories with this fun twist on an Easter Egg Hunt! Come on in and I’ll share how you can set up this fun game for the kids… My kids absolutely loved this game!  Here’s a quick...
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How To Make An Enchanted Fairy House Planter With Kids

Fairy House Planter to Make with Kids
Have you ever wondered…How you can build a Fun Fairy House with the Kids? Last week, I hosted a Garden Themed Birthday Party for my 10 year old daughter. I’ve been dying to try these DIY Fairy House Planters and this was the perfect time to give it a go. I learned a lot through trial and error while making these Adorable Fairy Houses with the kids.  I thought I’d share my...
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A Watermelon and Cheese Stick Butterfly Snack for Kids

This cute butterfly snack is such a nice and easy snack for kids to eat. It’s even healthy to boot! These are so simple to whip up for summer backyard parties or an after school treat. Come on in and I’ll show you how you can make this Butterfly Snack For Kids… You can probably guess by the picture what you’ll need, but just in case… Here’s What You’ll...
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Slow Cooker Chuck Wagon Baked Beans with Bacon and Ground Beef Recipe

Chuck Wagon Baked Beans on a Plate
My mom has made these Slow Cooker Chuck Wagon Baked Beans with Bacon and Ground Beef Recipe for as long as I can remember! They are the perfect side dish for summer picnics, and holiday meals. You won’t be able to stop going back to fill my plate with this delicious side! Come on in and I’ll share this easy baked beans recipe with you… These would make a great side or a camping...
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Fun and Easy Minute To Win It Party Games to Play with the Family

Fun and Easy Minute To Win It Party Games
Try these fun and easy Minute To Win It Party Games at your next party or family fun night! Minute To Win It Games are the perfect games for any occasion. We had so much fun playing these latest games and hope you will to. Come on in and I’ll share how you can set these games up easily for your next event… These are so much fun! Are you ready to check out these Minute To Win It Party...
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